Ensignal is a premier Verizon Wireless Retailer and has provided its customers with communication solutions for over 50 years.

Ensignal is proud to be your Verizon Wireless representative in your town. Ensignal began serving wireless customers in 2000, however our telecommunications experience in rural America began many years prior to that. We began our business of serving telephone customers in 1950 and have grown and expanded ever since. We have provided communications solutions for many years to the landline customers we serve and now we are providing similar solutions for our Ensignal customers through our wireless products and services. Having been involved in providing communications solutions for over 50 years now has given us the experience and knowledge needed to be able to provide the services you desire as an Ensignal customer.

With such a sound foundation and expertise in the communications industry, Ensignal utilizes the Nation’s most reliable network by specializing in local, personalized and professional services to meet your individual and business needs. The Ensignal companies originated in 1950 and has grown ever since with stores located in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.