Defining Ensignal

You may have asked yourself, “What does the word Ensignal even mean?” No worries, we made up the word, and want to let you in on what it means…







We start with a small break down separating ‘En’ from ‘Signal’. That should help.


En —> a prefix occurring originally in loan words, forming verbs with the general sense, “to cause to be in on all sides”



Signal —> to communicate, or convey information




Combining the two again, we have…

“To cause you to be connected on all sides with communication and accurately conveyed information.”


To go even further, we’ve gone ahead and answered what this means for you. It means Ensignal is more than just a phone store! We’ve already emphasized this at great length. But we felt like emphasizing again that we want to be your hometown connection. Whats stopping you? Definitely not us. Will you come visit us at a store near you so you can keep connected with the people and things you care about? We’ll love you forever when you do!

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