It’s A Match!

Like your dating site matches, we want to introduce ourself to you…


Hi. Hello. Hola. Howdy!


We are Ensignal. We are your vocal, local, and authorized Verizon retailer. If we could, we’d virtually shake your hand in greeting right through the text you’re scrolling through on that fancy-shmancy wireless device.

Now, UNLIKE a lot of your matches, we really want a relationship with you! Honestly and truly! In fact, we are initiating it right now, and we hope that together we can have a healthy, constructive dialogue. We’ll spend quality time together, helping you get set up with the devices and plans that are right for you. We are and will continue to be there for your and your community.


Too good to be true?


Actually, we are the real deal. The genuine article!

The truth is, we’re proud to be the Verizon Wireless voice in your town. We are committed to living up to your high expectations in our new relationship, and we are invested in YOU! You deserve unique, customized attention. We hope you quickly come to realize how important you are to us.

Here is our invitation: Will you join us in our stores, on our social channels, and in our shared communities in developing a relationship with no rival? We promise to be the wireless solution you can count on, and we promise to ever work at our relationship with you; always seeking to improve and be the Verizon retailer you need.


Additionally, honesty is super important to us, so lets be up front…


Ensignal will always be the local solution to your wireless needs, and we will always be pretty vocal about it.

We’re gonna go crazy about you and not be shy about our relationship with you. Compared to your past relationships, we are the cream of the crop. The trophy buck. We are always going to be your go-to for information on trends, deals, and options surrounding the best network.

Plus, we have regular giveaways, and freebies practically all the time that we want you to take advantage of, kind of like gifts if you will. Lets just say we want to hit all of your “love languages”. 😉 Now who wouldn’t want that?

Lastly, tell your friends about our new relationship. Seems like we might be what they’re looking for too!  We guarantee they’ll be jealous that you and us are so MFEO.



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And let the greatest retail relationship that ever was commence!


With much sincerity and love,


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