vocal and local4

Ensignal introduces: a brand NEW company slogan!  “Vocal and Local” not only suits our company mission, but also what we want our customers to take away from the Ensignal experience.  Take note that while we honor and love our partnership with Verizon, and they of course are an integral piece of the Ensignal brand, this slogan highlights what sets us APART from Verizon corporate.  🙂

“Vocal” drums images immediately of what we do as a cellular company, but also indicates something more in our culture—outgoing, customer service driven sales reps that are going to keep pertinent technology information moving outward to our clients all the time.  We wish our customers to feel from the first time they walk in until their plan is over (and beyond), they have an open door of communication with us.  We are available for any question they may have: from something as simple as “Where’s my email app?” to as complicated as “I need the best plan for a family of 7, all with data, and we need 3 kinds of home service packages.” (A tricky, but WELCOME sale)

The second key part of this slogan is that we are “Local.”  We aim that every Ensignal store opened will hopefully remain open for life.  This means that each location is an investment not only for the company, but for the COMMUNITY in which the store resides.  Thus we at Ensignal directly invest in that community.  We believe each town or city deserves unique, customized attention.  We want to be the neighbor or friend down the street who happens to be an authority on cellular service, but who more importantly understands the people we’re selling to, and what they want on an individual level, for their life style.  This is why we hire local, participate in chambers and city functions local, and invest on a local level—from sponsoring youth baseball teams, to the town fair.  This, again, distinguishes us from our beloved older Verizon brother.  We know that the customer in Albuquerque will be completely different from the one in Brigham City, or Fresno, or any of the other towns we inhabit.

“Vocal and Local”…it’s catchy right?  But most of all, it’s accurate.  Here at Ensignal, we commit to live up to this new slogan and allow these concepts to filter into our entire culture as a company.  We have the right team for it and want YOU to put our commitment to the test!  Come into one of our stores to today and ask our sales reps about the NEW company mantra!

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