Where We’re Heading – Ensignal’s 5 Year Plan

Thinking about our 5 year plan makes a wish list of sorts begin to formulate in mind. We dream about the kind of company we would want to become between now and then. We visualize the possibilities and hold nothing back.


Now granted, we already are quite happy with our business and the strides we’ve made over the past many years working with and in your communities. However, complacency is not a word we live by, instead we seek continuous improvement, or “kaizen” as the Japanese coined the phrase. We believe all employees at all levels of our company, and across state lines, have the power and ability to proactively work together to achieve regular incremental improvements to our commitments and way of conducting business with you.

These next five years will prove to be a choice time for growth, as we focus on the following:

A commitment to doing good.

Being active in our towns and communities.

Providing the best place to work and enhance careers.



We commit to you (our friends, family, and customers), to be the retailer that consistently provides superior goods and services for you and your loved ones. This is one of the reasons why we are an authorized wireless retailer of Verizon. We believe in being the best network with the best plans, devices, and people. These are the key ingredients to being a store you can always rely on. No matter what your needs or wants are.

We also pledge to stand up for what we believe in. Ensignal believes in the same values that built the communities we serve, because they are the communities we live in, raise our families in, and also love. These values include, but are not limited to: diligence, hard work, education, the environment, equal rights with equal opportunities, and securing a bright future for future generations.


Ensignal aims to be a positive influence in society.


We believe this is accomplished by improving lives through our products and services. We keep you connected with the people and things that you care about. Ensignal wants to ensure that when you visit us in store, that we are personable, helpful; that we go above and beyond to meet your expectations and satisfaction. Our employees strive to always act with integrity and honesty. Because at the end of the day, our customers are our most valuable asset. Our company is ready to challenge bias. Everyone is entitled to an opportunity to improve their quality of life, as well as the lives of others, and to achieve greatness.

Finally, the environment is as important to us as it is to you and the way of life we all rely on. These next few years will be ones where we strive to improve upon the environmental impact Ensignal and its operations have wherever we are.



There is a plethora of opportunities for us to be a stronger pillar in our home towns. We crave this opportunity a lot. We aim to do more that just be a store you visit once in a while. Rather, we will be a company face that participates.

Ensignal desires to host and engage in more service oriented projects. We hope to be able to partner with or host food and clothing drives for our less fortunate community members. It is our hope to have our employees reach out and donate time and energy to animal shelters, community clean-ups, recycling efforts, hospitals and nursing homes, and so much more.

We plan to host and/or participate in more local events like neighborhood parties, sporting events, or even festivals. We want to be a face you start to recognize more and more.


Our company will be more than just a phone store.


We’ll be local experts in our towns on dining, businesses in town, or the surrounding areas, and outdoor recreation. Put that in addition to our technology skills, and we think we’ll be a go-to source for so many things!



One way that we hope to be a more reputable source of information and good in our communities is by engaging with our friends and families online.


We anticipate being able to promote an average of 40% engagement with our followers online. This will be accomplished by posting online content with recognizable and trending hashtags being used by both you and our employees. Engagement will also occur more readily when our customers and employees continue to increase the amount of likes, comments, and shares of our created content.

We hope to increase our Twitter presence over the next five years, in addition to Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Youtube. These social channels aren’t fading out anytime soon and not all of our customer base communicates that same way, which is why content will also vary slightly across these channels to better accommodate and catch the eye of those using them.

Additionally, we desire to increase the positive user experience on our website. This can be done by permitting online orders, chat with sales teams/customer relations, and having all products and accessories regularly up-to-date for customers to see what options are available before needing to make a trek to our nearest store for them.

Lastly, we want to initiate more personal communication via email and/or Facebook Messenger. Corporate news, new store employees from your local communities, humanitarian efforts, and more will be discussed at greater length for our you, our friends, customers, and family who want to be in on all the inner workings of our wonderful company.


We want to be a local force for good and for growth in our towns.


We hope to be able to participate on school boards, and in economic development groups. Additionally we aim to create jobs and local economic growth on the regular.



Ensignal is on a mission to become the best Verizon Wireless Retailer in the country! One way we accomplish this is by hiring the best local people in the industry. We are fun, engaging, promote from within, pay above industry average, and offer superb training and career advancement opportunities.

Here at Ensignal, we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. That is why we reward them with so much!

We offer discounts on Verizon products, services, and accessories. Medical, dental, and vision benefits are also provided for all full-time employees with discounted life insurance, flexible spending accounts, 3% matched 401K, paid time off and flexible scheduling.

As proof of how much we desire individuals to grow and flourish in their careers, Ensignal also provides well rounded career development and education. Proof in the form of things like: tuition reimbursement, a leadership development program, regular career growth and advancement opportunities, and paid training to help hone skills and help potentials to be reached.


Conclusively, it is our firm belief that by committing our next five professional years to providing positive and fulfilling career opportunities, as well as being consistently active in our communities, and increasing our desire to act for the greater good, Ensignal will be in direct route to achievements and continuous improvement previously untapped.


This is our plan, this is our trajectory.

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